Developing countries, including Pakistan, are increasingly concerned about the economic impact of losing their highly qualified citizens to the various lucrative opportunities available in more developed countries. This phenomenon is popularly known as “brain drain” and refers to the high rate of exit of those whose skills, capabilities, and characteristics were an asset to the countries they left behind.

Governments of developing countries are concerned with the decline in health care systems, shortages of professionals in teaching and engineering, and the poaching of talent that their national education systems had paid to train.

One possible avenue to mitigate the impact of brain drain can be diaspora engagement, with the view to providing opportunities for these highly trained and educated individuals, to visit their homeland and impart training and education, in their areas of core competencies.


Brain-Gain.org provides an avenue to connect the diaspora with the governmental, policy making and business organizations in Pakistan with a view to enable this transfer of knowledge and expertise.

We are also working on organizing a “Diaspora Day” in Karachi next year, where participating diaspora will be recognized by government and media, for their engagement and support of ‘brain-gain’ initiative

Stay tuned for upcoming announcements and event details !